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Laying the Foundation: Pearl & Sons was founded in 1996 in Star City, Arkansas by Judah’s father, Robert. His vision of this family owned business and the meaning behind the name was not only to provide for his own family, but to teach his sons a trade that they could carry with them forever. 

Pearl & Sons served Arkansas and Tennessee until expanding to Illinois in 2012. Passing Down the Legacy: Serving the Northern Illinois area, Pearl & Sons is owned and run by Judah and Carla Pearl. They are avid coffee drinkers who enjoy traveling and have five children- two daughters and three sons. “As we continue to grow our family, it is our goal to carry on my dad’s vision of the business, passing down the values and talents of Pearl & Sons to our children” -Judah 

The Legacy in Your Home: Pearl & Sons takes pride in connecting with each customer and personalizing each design to make their vision a reality. Our goal is to assist in fostering the community, traditions, and sweet memories you have created in your home. 

“One of my absolute favorite parts about designing, building, or even delivering a custom piece to a customer is recognizing that it is not just a piece of furniture, but the beautiful, deeper meaning behind it” -Carla


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