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Dietrich Ranch


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This farm has been in our family since great-grandparents Russell and Cora Dietrich purchased this property in 1947.

Outdoor pasture-based livestock production has been practiced since Russell’s day and that continues to present day. 

We offer healthy, wholesome products, from animals raised without hormones and antibiotics.  We use proven approaches to agriculture in a sustainable model that benefits both the land (the billions of microbes found in one handful of soil) and the caretakers of the land.

Our grass-fed pasture system is ideal for the animals and the environment.  Our animals live naturally on our pastures, grazing the forages growing in our fields. In the summer, we harvest the excess growth and feed it as hay in the winter.  The animal wastes return to the land and become nutrients for the next grass cycle.

We grow our food in a way where there’s nothing to hide.  Folks are always welcome to make an appointment to come out for a farm visit!

Try our grass fed beef at Hazel's Cafe in Oregon!

Pick up location at Hough's Maple Lane in Mt Morris, IL

Thursdays Farmer's Market River's Edge Farmer's Maket in Oregon.


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