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Our mission at RiverStone is to build a foundation of hope in Jesus Christ so we can live better lives with him and each other! Our atmosphere of RiverStone is created through a laid back, authentic experience with people on the same journey. Everyone is welcome to experience great worship, hear relevant teaching, and find love and transformation in a new life with God and each other. 

Also, we offer a children’s program called RiverKids. RiverKids offers programs specifically designed for kids from birth thru 6th grade. The RiverKids service coincides with our regular worship with their own worship experience, small group, and games! We invite you to come experience a new way to do life! 

So what do we believe? 

We believe in the truth and transformational power of the Gospel message. 

– Everyone has lived enough life to know it can be hard… and no matter what you did, or what was done to you, we believe you can reconnect to God through Jesus. We invite you to come and see how a life with Jesus is better. We don’t have it all figured out, but if you simply follow Jesus, and adjust your life to His teachings, He will lead you on an exciting spiritual journey. We believe in loving people the way God loves people.

 – It’s not our job to “fix” you… we have created environments to help you experience the love of God. No one loves you more than He does. You don’t need to clean up your life to come to RiverStone. Our heart is that you can come to RiverStone and leave with a sense of belonging, knowing you are loved! We believe in journeying with other people, helping them grow in Christ so that they can help others do the same thing.

 – Starting a new journey can be scary and confusing if you do not know where you are going. What’s worse is feeling as though you have to take this journey alone. We are here to help you grow in Christ by journeying alongside you. There is not a better opportunity for growth than our High Def. Groups. HD Groups meet in the homes of our leaders to discuss life, encourage one another, and take a deeper look at Sunday’s message. HD Groups will help provide clarity and resolution for times of uncertainty and doubt. In the HD Groups you will find people who have “been there and done that” or people who are currently going through a similar season of life as you. We are sure you will develop friendships that will change your life. We believe the goal of our existence is to reflect God in every aspect of our being.

 – We want to live a life of purpose. As we reflect Christ to our community, we know we are finding the purpose He created us for. The RiverStone community loves, forgives, and hopes for others by living with purpose. We believe in serving and blessing people by living out our faith with purpose and relevance. We believe in blessing the people of Ogle County by living out our mission through acts of service.

 – We work with community leaders in order to make Ogle County better by volunteering at community events and celebrations. We are part of God’s plan to give hope to the world and therefore, we are sent to bless and serve Ogle County.

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Business Hours : Sunday 10:45 am-12:00 pm


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